Bonomelli's history began in 1908, when Bonomelli started off on a path to develop an herbal culture which led to being the leader in Italy.  Since 2008, Bonomelli offers a modern assorted range of functional Tisane and Chamomile teas, which respond to the most diverse needs of consumers.

Over 100 years of experience in herbs combines with a constant focus on quality and reliability, which, together with tradition, history, and familiarity, make Bonomelli a unique brand of herbal infusions.

Italpasta invites you to try Bonomelli teas – enjoy the traditional taste and undeniable calm.

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Chamomile Teas


Bonomelli Filtrofiore

Thanks to the presence of all the parts of the chamomile flower, Bonomelli Filtrofiore has a relaxing,pleasant effect on the entire body: all the flavour and beneficial effects of chamomile.

Size: 28 g

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Bonomelli Sifted Chamomile

Sifted Chamomile selects a mixture of chamomiles to offer a product with a characteristic aroma, unique flavour, and quality that only Bonomelli's long-standing experience can guarantee.

Size: 29 g

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Bonomelli Instant Chamomile Tea

Are you in a hurry but still want to enjoy all the flavour of a good chamomile tea? Try Bonomelli Instant Chamomile Tea – all the taste without the wait.

Size: 100 g

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