Ionia Coffee pays meticulous attention to every stage of production using the most modern technologies, in pursuit of creating the highest quality coffee in order to delight coffee lovers all over the world.

Italpasta invites you to start your morning off right: with an excellent cup of coffee and a great tradition.

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Argento Superior Ground Coffee

From the strong, classified taste…for those at home, who want to relive the experience of a coffee prepared at a bar.

Size: 250 g

Oro Ground Coffee

The careful selection of quality coffee and specific milling – the perfect coffee for any time of day

Size: 250 g

Gran Crema Coffee

The barista who knows how important it is to invest in quality. Perfect for making an extremely aromatic, flavourful espresso with a real, dense cream.

Size: 1 kg

Superior Export Bean Coffee

For the discerning coffee drinker, with high expectations for an espresso.

Size: 1 kg