Does Italpasta make note of allergens on your products?

Italpasta has a strong commitment to food safety programs – as demonstrated by our SQF 2000 – Level 2 certification.

Italpasta produces a wide range of pasta recipes and makes every effort to ensure our packaging is labeled accordingly with allergen statements where required.
All Italpasta dry pasta contains wheat (and therefore gluten). Note that Italpasta gluten free pasta is manufactured in a separate facility that is certified gluten free.

Our Italpasta macaroni & cheese is produced on a separate line and the cheese pouch (which contains dairy) is delivered pre-packaged ensuring no possibility of cross-contamination.

Italpasta declares “May Contain Egg” on its labels only as a precaution since we produce egg pasta in our facility. We do have a strict allergen control program in place but due to the nature of our processes, we have decided that as a precaution, we will include this statement on our retail labels where appropriate.

Should you have a question regarding allergens in a specific Italpasta product, please contact our Consumer Care department at 1-800-361-8983.