Olive Oil/Vinegar

Italpasta is proud to offer you a range of high quality oils and balsamic vinegars to help complete your kitchen essentials!

Our first cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil made in Italy is the perfect complement to all your meal creations. And Italpasta vegetable oil that is ideal for cooking due its higher smoke point.

Our Balsamic VSOP of Modena is aged in balsamic wooden casks and our unique White Balsamic is perfect to lend a slightly sweeter taste to any dish.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil
4 / 3L

Product code: 4408
Nutrition Facts


White Balsamic Vinegar (Plastic Jug)
4 / 3L

Product code: 4413
Nutrition Facts


Red Balsamic Vinegar
2 / 5L

Product code: 4415
Nutrition Facts


Vegetable Oil
4 / 3L

Product code: 10127
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