Tomatoes and Sauces

Italpasta knows how important a good pasta sauce is. That’s why we bring you the best canned tomatoes for the gourmet who likes to create their own special sauce; and premium prepared sauces, for the gourmet who might not have the time.

Italpasta tomato products are packed fresh in their own juices – promising the best in tomato taste and quality. And our pasta and pizza sauces are prepared with the finest ingredients to make your dish shine.

Enjoy Italpasta sauces and tomato products – the perfect complement to your Italian inspired meal!

Format: 6/100 oz


No Salt Added

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No Salt
Canadian Crushed Tomatoes

Product code: 04306


No Salt
Canadian Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Product code: 04308


No Salt
Canadian Diced Tomatoes

Product code: 04309




Italian Whole Peeled Tomatoes

Product code: 04310
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Italian Diced Tomatoes
1/10 kg - Bag

Product code: 04313
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Tomato Paste


Canadian Tomato Paste

Product code: 04312
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Italpasta Sauces


Spaghetti Pasta Sauce

Product code: 04318
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Pizza Sauce

Product code: 04319
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